Conversation A:
(T=Tourist, O=Operator, I=International operator)
T : Operator! I want to make a phone call to Taipei.
      What's the local time in Taipei now?
O: Well.......It's 9 a.m. Sunday morning.
T : Very good. Make it collect please.
O: Hold on, please.
I  : Hello. This is the international operator.
I  : What's the number, please?
T : Taipei, 752-4389.
I  : Whom are you calling?
T : Mrs. Wang.
I  : Your name and your room number, please.
T : Mr. Wang, Room, 1796.
I  : O.K. Just a moment please.
      (Is this Mrs. Wang? This is New York, I have a collect call from Mr. Wang.
        Will you accept it?..........O.K. Go ahead!)

Conversation B:
(T=Tourist, O=Operator)
T : Operator! I want to make a phone call to Taipei.
      Person to person, please.
O: Whom are you calling, sir?
T : Mrs. Chen.
O: How do you spell it?
T : Chen, C-H-E-N.
O: All right, sir. Just a minute, please.

Conversation C:
(T=Tourist, FF=Friend's Family)
FF : I'm sorry , he's out now.
T  : What time will he get back?
FF : About 7.
T  : May I leave a message?
FF : Of course.
T  : My name is Mr. Wang l-dar frome Taipei.
       I'm staying at the New York Hilton, room 1574.
       I'd like him to call when he comes back.


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