Conversation A:
(T=Tourist, S=Salesgirl)
T : I want a balcony seat for this evening.
S : I'm sorry but the seat are all sold out tonight.
T : Is that right? When will a seat be available?
S : Would you see that board on your right, please?
T : Oh, I see. Thank you. 
T : I'll take one for the day after tomorrow. 
S : All right. Twelve dollars, please. 
T : What time does the curtain rise? 
S : That'll be at 7 p.m. 
T : Thank you.

Conversation B:
(P=Passenger, C=Clerk)
P : Excuse me. I can't find my baggage at the turn-table.
      Will you check it for me?
C : Did you check all the baggage?
P : Yes, I did. But I couldn't find it. 
C : What was your flight number? 
P : I arrived here at 4:30 p.m. by North American Air, flight number 031 from Tokyo. 
C : Do you have a baggage claim tag? 
P : Of course. Here it is. 
C : What's your name, sir?
P : ABE A-B-E. Please make it quick, I'm in a hurry. 
C : Just a minute, please.
P : O.K. 
C : Oh! It's unbelievable, but your baggage is still in Tokyo.
P : Wait! 
C : But, don't worry. You'll get your baggage soon.
      The next flight will leave Tokyo with your baggage.
P : O.K. Thank you.

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