Conversation A: Reserving a Room
(R=Receptionist, P=Passenger)
R: Hilton Hotel, Reservations.
P: Do you have a room available for tonight?
R: Yes, sir, We do. Would you like a single room or a double room?
P: A single room, please. What are the room rates?
R: Single rooms are eighty-five and a hundred and ten dollars a night.
P: Do those prices include tax?
R: No, they don't.
P: O.K., I'll take the eighty-five-dollar room.
R: Your name, please?
P: My name is Chien-ming Fang.
R: Would you repeat that, please?
P: F-A-N-G.
R: Thank you. When will you be arriving, Mr. Fang?
P: I'll be there in about thirty minutes.
R: Fine. We'll be waiting for you. Goodbye.
P: O.K. Goodbye.
Conversation B: Checking In (1)
(C=Clerk, P=Passenger)
C: Good afternoon. Can I help you?
P: I called a few minutes ago to make a reservation.
C: Yes, sir. Can I have your last name, please?
P: It's Liu. Is the room ready now?
C: Yes, it is. Your room is 2844. It's on the 28th floor. Please fill out this card.
P: All right. Where do I sign?
C: Here, please. Will you be paying by cash or credit card?
P: Cash.
C: In that case, we will need a one-night's deposit.
     That'll be eighty-five doolars.
P: O.K. Here you are.
C: Here's your receipt, and your key.
P: Thank you. And I'd like a wake-up call at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning.
C: Just call the hotel operator to arrange for a wake-up call.
P: O.K. Thank you.
Conversation C: Checking In (2)
(C=Clerk, P=Passenger)
C: Hi, Good afternoon. Can I help you?
P: I have a reservation.
C: May I ask your name, please?
P: Yu-hsin Liu.
C: Just a moment. I'll check. Oh, Miss Liu.
      Yes, we have a reservation for you.
      Would you please fill out the registration card with
      your name, address, passport number, and be sure to sign it.
P: Is it all right?
C: Fine. How will you pay, cash or charge?
P: Charge.
C: May I see your card, please?
You can sign the voucher when you check out.
P: What is the check-out time, please?
C: It's 12 o'clock. Here's your key. Your room is 731.
     The bellboy will take your bags and show you to your room.
P: Thank you.
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